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Our affiliates get the tools and opportunity to monetize their traffic anywhere: online, mobile, TV, radio or in print media.

Here are some major channels that help our affiliates make money selling calls.

Search engines/CPC/Banners/XML/Emails/admail etc.

Apps/Banners/CPC/Search engines/Text messages/Messenger apps etc.

Outdoor ads/Radio/Call centres/Print media/Software/Coupons etc.

Online channels remain popular among our MarketCall affiliates to for effectively generating targeted calls. Many of our publisher affiliates have large specialized portals, message boards, forums, and other web resources with a dependable stream of high-quality online traffic.

Affiliates gets paid for each call from potential clients who saw their ads. We give affiliates full flexibility as to the advertising channels they may use:

Search engines

Effective SEO can be critical in driving traffic to a website. Being easily convertible to calls and relatively inexpensive, SEO traffic remains an attractive option for affiliates and merchants alike.


Context advertising experts provide for one of the most economical ways to generate quality, targeted traffic online: CPC traffic is as highly convertible as SEO traffic. The number of calls depends on only your budget and the publisher’s skills.


As long as placement costs are reasonable, banner ads may be an effective tool for some publishers.

Feeds (XML, UML)

With the right XML product and property feeds on specialized advertising platforms, merchants can enjoy a steady flow of calls for reasonable prices.

Social Media Marketing

Almost all of your potential clients will have a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or other social media account – you probably do also. Social media marketing experts tap on the popularity of these social networks to generate buzz for your products and services.

Software (toolbars, doorways)

Using doorways and toolbars to advertise may seem like a relic of the past, but as long as our affiliates deliver qualified calls, they are free to use whatever marketing channel they find effective.


Visitors to coupon websites are already ready to make a purchase. As many coupon websites are owned by MarketCall affiliates, getting target calls from a channel where the visitors are already ready to buy is a simple affair.


In terms of returns on your advertising investment, email is one of the most profitable MarketCall channels. For a reasonable price, targeted email marketing can easily yield a steady stream of calls from interested clients.

Content (articles, blogs)

By generating popular and sharable content, content experts can make your offer attractive to a wider target audience and deliver qualified traffic you can depend on.


Known for its high conversion rates, retargeting and remarketing have become integral tools in any advertising campaign.


These are only some of the platforms our resourceful affiliates use to seeksource targeted calls. These publishers are also constantly developing new channels to reach modern, savvy clients.

With the rising popularity of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices, mobile marketing is a fast-growing advertising channel of the future. Mobile applications, mass texting, messenger adverts, and other types of mobile traffic are cost-effective sources of target calls for merchants.

Don't forget about the mobile versions of the most popular websites, which are currently almost completely non-monetized. This problem will be solved with the help of MarketCall. Below is a list of the main methods of attracting customers from mobile devices:

Mobile websites

Mobile versions of popular websites are an under-tapped channel – but 60% of total today’s traffic today now comes from mobile devices. That is a rich source of calls and potential clients our affiliates are poised to exploit.

Mobile Apps

Even though mobile application developers have proven very resourceful in monetizing this channel, using these apps to generate targeted calls is still a developing field. Riding on the success of these apps may be an effective way to generate a steady stream of calls.


Mobile application banners are a promising avenue for promoting any advertising offer. As long as payouts exceed placement cost, publishers can rely on banners to dependably generate profitable targeted calls.


The same context advertising principles applied to non-mobile online advertising can also be put to good use on mobile platforms to generate highly convertible target traffic at an affordable cost.

Search engines

Mobile traffic now accounts for more than 20% of the U.S. market. A stellar Google ranking has become indispensable for merchants seeking exposure. A mobile website is one of the most cost-effective solutions to improve the merchant’s visibility on search engines and deliver targeted calls.

Text messages

Traditional SMS marketing remains a time-tested channel for attracting targeted calls. In fact, experts in SMS advertising rank among MarketCall’s highest-paid affiliates.

Messenger apps (Whatsapp, Telegram, Viber, iMessage)

With growingincreasing regulations and restrictions on marketing messages sent over SMS, messenger apps have proven to be a lucrative alternative. Some may even find such messengers to be superior to traditional SMS, as these messages can carry media and graphics to make their offers stand out from the rest.


Mobile marketing is a fast-growing and promising channel for attracting potential clients – especially as talented publishers constantly invent new ways of increasing conversion.

Previous affiliate programs have consistently overlooked the promise of offline advertising channels. But with our Pay Per Call model, MarketCall has been able to pioneer the monetization of offline advertising.

Our affiliates are free to choose whatever advertising channel they wish as long as it generates targeted calls. They may buy a television spot, a newspaper advert, a sponsored article in a magazine or billboard space to promote the merchant. Even if an affiliate simply scrawls a phone number and an advertisement with a marker on an elevator wall, he would still be paid for each qualified call that elevator ad generates.

Outdoor advertising

If pPlaced correctlyright, outdoor advertising can be a channel with a broad and extensive reach; and is especially favored by merchants dealing in the real estate field. Affiliates seeking to get the message out to a broad, general audience may well find this channel profitable.


Radio advertising may be an effective and influential solution for publishers who cannot afford or do not need television airtime. Generally, publishers need no expert knowledge to craft an effective radio advert – other than choosing the best frequency and time slot.


For those with the means, television advertising is a costly but powerful choice that can garner some of the highest rates of targeted calls. This may be the medium of choice for the biggest affiliates who can afford to produce and test television ads and purchase airtime.

Call center

Direct marketing calls are a good tool for affiliates seeking a more proactive approach to call generation. The advantage is that it is easier to capture a potential customer’s’s attention when speaking to him one-on-one, as opposed to a billboard or newspaper advertisement.

Print media

For publishers who already produce print media like newspapers, periodicals or journals, this tool can be a very cost-effective one in generating calls. Advertisements in publications and journals relevant to the merchant’s market may be especially successful in yielding calls.

Direct marketing mailer

This is a very inexpensive method of generating calls. In sufficiently largeWhen quantities are sufficiently large, the costs of production and postage will seem minimal when compared to returns this tool has been known to generate.


Offline advertising has been around for centuries – because it works. Offline advertising may be the method of choice for publishers seeking a more traditional approach to marketing that makes use of reliable, time-tested channels.

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