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You should not be wasting money on advertising that reaches everybody, but your potential clients. With MarketCall, you no longer need to pay for untargeted clicks and impressions. Let us handle the marketing while you enjoy a steady flow of only targeted calls from potential clients.

We put you first: that is why you get to set the price per call that you find fair, and pay only for qualified calls from potential clients. Should a call prove unqualified, our challenge and dispute resolution system helps ensure you get a fair deal.

In MarketCall, you only pay for qualified calls from your potential clients. Stop wasting your time, money, and marketing resources. Set the price you’re ready to pay per call and let us handle the rest.

Joining MarketCall system is not rocket science. Our managers are here to help you with any questions you might have.

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The Merchant’s MarketCall Experience

MarketCall’s Promise

You only pay for


with potential clients

You receive calls

from multiple channels

You only pay for and receive

targeted calls
Only pay for a conversation with a potential client

We allow you to filter qualified calls with custom preferences, including minimum duration, time intervals, etc.

Scalable advertising

Set the number of calls to fit your budget. For greater customer flow, all you need to do is to credit your account.

Diversify your advertising platforms without added expense

TV, radio, mobile advertising, print media, or direct mail – our wide range of marketing platforms helps you reach clients no matter where they may be.

Listen to any call

All calls are recorded and available for your listening.

Focus less on marketing, more on sales

Forget about constantly monitoring and optimizing your advertising campaigns – let MarketCall handle the details for you.

Challenge unqualified calls

Don’t think a call is qualified? You should not pay for such calls. Press a button in your personal cabinet to dispute it.

You name the price you’re ready to pay per call

Unlike conventional CPC, CPL or banner advertising, you call the shots by telling us what you are willing to pay for each call.

Fraud-prevention system

Enjoy the protection of our advanced and unmatched anti-fraud-prevention system. Using an algorithmic analysis of phone calls and numbers, we protect merchants from being cheated.

Statistics at your fingertips

Monitor all statistics in a single window to best optimize your marketing strategy.

Small fee

We charge a much lower fee compared to traditional advertising agencies.

One contract for multiple platforms

Don’t bother with signing multiple agreements with different companies. MarketCall is the one vendor you deal with to access all of our advertising platforms.

Customizable filters

You can set multiple filters to qualify what makes for a targeted call.

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