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Merchants: How Marketcall works for you

Here is an example: a real estate developer and a Marketcall merchant has some apartments he wants to sell in Manhattan. An affiliate sees the developer’s advertising offer, selects it from the list and is assigned a unique phone number. The unique tracking phone number redirects to the developer’s actual business phone number. The affiliate places an ad banner on his online real estate forum for New York City tenants and buyers.

Some forum visitors see the ad and are interested in the developer’s apartments. They call the given number to further discuss them. For every targeted call, the affiliate is paid the payout set by the developer, less a Marketcall fee. Each call is also available for later future listening in the merchant’s personal cabinet. The affiliate himself can see detailed statistics on his calls and earnings to further optimize his ad placement strategy.

The Process: Step-by-Step


A merchant, who can be almost anybody with something to sell, joins Marketcall


He inputs some basic information on what he is offering for sale: images, descriptions, logos and so on


He decides on the price he is willing to pay for each qualified call


A potential client sees the ad, is interested in buying, and calls the number


Marketcall assigns a unique phone number for each advertising offer for tracking purposes


Affiliates take up the merchant’s offer. They place advertising collateral on their websites (e.g. blog or forum) or some other channel they own


Marketcall receives calls and redirects them to the merchant


Calls are filtered through our fraud-prevention system for quality assurance and unqualified calls are made available for listening


Affiliate gets rewarded for each qualified call


Result: The merchant makes sales, and the affiliate makes extra revenue.

What’s in it for you?

Our Affiliates

  • Offers from merchants that really pay
  • Build a steady source of income from resources you already have
  • Generate profits from all sorts of traffic
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Our Merchants

  • Pay only for targeted calls from potential clients
  • You name us your price and call duration
  • Buy as many targeted calls as you want
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