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Frequently Asked Questions

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To register as an Affiliate, click on the ‘Registration’ button at the upper right corner of the screen, then select ‘Affiliate.’ On the registration page, fill out all fields with true and accurate information.

NOTE: Please submit only the email addresses, Skype IDs, and phone numbers associated with your business.

Once you have completed the registration form, you will be redirected to the ‘Activation panel.’

On the ‘Activation panel’ screen, you will need to:

  1. Confirm your email;
  2. Confirm your phone number;
  3. Fill out a questionnaire;
  4. Complete an Interview with your personal manager. Contact information for your manager can be found in the lower right corner.

1. Confirm your email:

After clicking on the link that says ‘Send activation letter’, please check your email. You should receive a message with a link to follow in order to finalize your email activation. 

Once you have confirmed your email, you may continue to the next step of your activation.

2. Confirm your phone number::

Enter your mobile phone number (e.g. +712345678910), then select ‘Send code’. You will receive a text message with a confirmation code. Enter the code into the provided field, then select ‘Confirm’ 

3. Fill out the questionnaire:

You must confirm your contact information before you will be able to complete the questionnaire.

NOTE: The more detailed the information that you provide in the questionnaire, the higher the chances are that your registration will be approved.

4. Interview with your personal manager:

Once you have completed your questionnaire, you should contact your personal manager using the contact information provided in the Activation window.

Once you are registered, you will have access to some basic tools.

On the main page of your site, you will see the following important information:

  • News: launches and freezes, promo replacement, etc.;
  • A chart of call statistics for the last 10 days;
  • Active programs: list of programs you’re currently using;
  • Recommended offers: new profit opportunities from selected Merchants;
  • Your manager: contact information for your personal manager;
  • Your account: your current balance and funds available for withdrawal;
  • Rejected calls: information on calls rejected by a Merchant;
  • Your free phone numbers: the phone numbers assigned to you for working with your offers;
  • Referral program: 5% of the profit earned by your invited Affiliates;

An Offer is an advertising proposal made by a Merchant that requires calls from clients. Affiliates can review the offers available in the MarketCall system and select the most profitable options to maximize traffic monetization.

Offer categories include:

  • Real Estate;
  • Finance;
  • Education;
  • Entertainment;
  • Medicine;
  • Tourism;
  • And more

For optimum results, choose Offers in the category most closely related to your traffic. This will ensure that you can maximize traffic conversion to calls.

You also have access to a number of additional parameters to help select the Offer that best suits your site:

  • Price – Affiliate's profit for one target call;
  • Time – interval when Merchant is available to receive calls; 
  • Days of Week – Merchant’s working days;
  • Limits – approximate Offer lifespan;
  • Promos available;
  • Types of traffic – primary channels used to acquire clients.

Click on ‘Offers’ in the menu at the left of your screen to see all offers available at the moment

A ‘Program’ is the Affiliate’s advertising campaign associated with the selected Offer. To begin work on an Offer, the Affiliate will need to create a Program connected to the Offer.

To begin work on the selected Offer, click on ‘Create a program.’

You must rent a unique phone number that will redirect clients to the Merchant’s phone number. You will also need to select appropriate Traffic Sources to generate a flow of calls. Use the Note field to submit links to landings, websites, ads on portals, etc.

Once you submit a request, the program will undergo moderation. If a MarketCall moderator approves your request, your program will be activated and will receive access to a rented phone number. At this stage, you are ready to get started.

NOTE: Check your program status to find out if your program has been confirmed.

  • Confirmed - A system administrator has confirmed your program. You are ready to get started.
  • Confirmed  - A sand hourglass symbols means that your Offer is temporarily paused. The most common reason is that the Merchant’s account has a zero balance.
  • Moderated - Your program has been created and is waiting for approval by a system administrator.
  • Cancelled - There are a number of reasons that a program might be rejected. For more information, please contact your personal manager.

A new program is usually moderated within two business days. During this period, MarketCall will conduct an online or offline interview with the Affiliate. After this interview, MarketCall will make a decision about whether to work with the Affiliate.

MarketCall offers Moscow numbers with codes 495 and 499-958, as well as St. Petersburg ones numbers with the code 812. In the future, we are going towill provide a paid option to rent All-Russian numbers beginning with 8-800.

Each program has the following elements:

  • Offer – the Affiliate’s advertising offer; 
  • Status – current status of a program/Offer;
  • Number – the phone number rented by the Affiliate;
  • Earnings – money earned;
  • Expenses – money spent on generating calls;
  • Profit – earnings less costs;
  • ROI – return on investment (percentage);
  • Actions – additional actions available.
Available действия:

  1. «View» - View detailed information on the program, rates, etc.
  2. «Statistics» – View calls statistics displayed in various graphic representations and formats;

  3. «Promo materials» – View, get a link to, or download promotional materials;

  4. «Expenses» – View total expenses of calls generated by the program.

  5. «Deactivate program» – Stop working on the Offer.

When you create a program for your selected Offer, all promotional materials will be displayed along with your assigned phone number.

Once an administrator approves your program, you can go to ‘My Programs’ in the menu on the left side of your screen, then select the appropriate program. Click ‘Actions,’ then select ‘Promo Materials’.

Our most popular promo material’s formats include: Banners, TIB (text and image blocks), XML feeds, Landings, and Callbacks.

Banners: Select from a wide variety of banners available for your use. You can either download all of our banners in .jpeg format or as a file code. To get a banner that includes your assigned phone number, click on ‘Get code’ next to your preferred banner.

Text and image blocks (TIB) - Click on ‘TIB materials’ to use TIBs promos, or click on ‘Get code’ if you prefer the finished html code

XML-feeds: Follow the provided link to get an XML feed with relevant promo materials from the Merchant. You can download feed descriptions in .txt format along with the link to an XML file, or download the XML feed to your computer.

Landings: You have two options for landings:

  • To get a landing on the MarketCall domain, just click on the appropriate button. Here is an example of an Affiliate link: https://www.marketcall.ru/landings/56ea7db22b4710.76939673/?programId=4802

  • If you prefer, you can also download a landing in .zip format by clicking on on the relevant button.
Callback: This widget allows users to request a call from the Merchant. The user only has to input their phone number and click on ‘Call now!’ Within a defined period, the user and the Merchant will be automatically connected through the MarketCall system. 

NOTE: You can use the widget either on the landings with links generated by Marketcall and/or on your own landings. 

You must choose the following settings for the widget to function correctly:
  1. Widget button settings:
    • Border color
    • Button background color
    • Float button color
    • Float button heading (if left empty, default text will be displayed)
    • Float button text (if left empty,default text will be displayed)
  2. Widget Panel Settings
    • Pop-up window: Choosing the display format for the form to be filled out by the user.
    • Call button color
    • Call button color (hover)
    • Call button text color
    • Panel heading (if left empty, default text will be displayed)
    • Panel text (if left empty, default text will be displayed)
    • Additional panel text (if left empty, default text will be displayed)
    • Call button text (if left empty, default text will be displayed)
After selecting these parameters, you may set the following options:
  • Display on landings: Your widget will be displayed on the landing provided by MarketCall.
  • Get a code: Access the html code for the callback widget.
NOTE: If ‘Display on landings’ has been selected and you download the landing from the system, it will contain the widget code.

On the left side menu, select on ‘Expenses’, then select ‘Add:

For Expenses to be displayed correctly, input the following:

  • Program: Select the Program to which you wish to attach the expense;
  • Amount: Input the amount spent to attract calls;
  • Category: Select the appropriate category (Direct, Brand requests, Premium ads, etc.);
  • Date: Enter the payment date;
  • Comment: Enter any additional relevant information.
Once your expenses have been input, the program will automatically calculate your Return on Investment (ROI) using the formula:

ROI = (Earnings / Expenses) x 100%

Knowing your ROI helps you to understand the effectiveness of your investments.

General Statistics

In the General Statistics section, you have access to the following charts:

  • Earnings/Expenses ratio;
  • Target calls / Total calls ratio and Conversion Rate;
  • Call statistics by period, with breakdowns by day.

Conversion Rate
(CR - percentage) CR tells you how efficiently calls are being generated. 20 target calls out of a total of 100 calls would be a 20% CR, which is considered pretty good. 
Calls' statistics include:
  • ID: call ID (unique identifying number);
  • Date and time: date and time of the call;
  • Duration: call duration;
  • Offer: to which program and Offer a call is associated with;
  • Calling number: the last 4 digits of the potential client’s phone number;
  • Rented number: the phone number you rented for the program;
  • Earnings: your reward for a call, categorized as either ‘Confirmed’ or ‘HOLD’;
  • Status: current call status;
  • Number: your Program’s phone number.

  • Offer: your selected Offer;
  • Number: your Program’s phone number;
  • Calls: the number of calls related to the selected Program.

In this section, you can find out what days of the week generated the most calls, your peak time of day for calls, and your average call length.

Split Testing
In this section, you can compare performance among your channels.

To improve your data display, you can use filters to select parameters by selecting:
  • Date interval;
  • Breakdown (by day, month, or year);
  • Offer;
  • Offer programs to compare;
  • Parameter to be compared (total number of calls, target calls, or earnings).
NOTE: You can only compare two or more programs for the same Offer.

Every call is assigned a status, which is displayed in the ‘Status’ column under your call statistics.

  • Confirmed - Advertiser listened to and qualified the call;
  • HOLD - Waiting for the Merchant to listen to the call and identify it as either target or non-target. Upon hold expiration, the call will qualify automatically;
  • Rejected by Merchant - The Merchant rejected the call (the Merchant must give a reason);
  • Rejection challenged - The Affiliate has disputed the Merchant’s rejection;
  • Pending payment - The call was received when the Merchant had zero balance on their account;
  • Processed - The call cannot be classified as target;
  • Non-unique - Repeat call from the same user;
  • Non-key - The call was received during the Merchant’s non-working hours;
  • Rejected - The call has been finally deemed unqualified;

Each Affiliate has the right to challenge the Merchant’s decision on calls with a ‘Rejected by Merchant’ or ‘Non-unique’ status.

NOTE: You can only challenge a call within TWO days after it has been assigned one or the other statusone one of theof these statuses.

To view your balance, go to ‘Your Account’ on the main Affiliate screen.

Balance: Displays your earnings for ‘HOLD’ and ‘Confirmed’ calls.

Available for withdrawal: Displays funds available to be withdrawn. This is the total amount of your earnings for ‘Confirmed’ calls. It is also the maximum amount you can request to withdraw, which you can do by clicking on the ‘Withdraw’ button.

After you click on the ‘Withdraw’ button, you will see a pop-up window named ‘Add payment (withdrawal),’ which has two input fields:

  • Amount: Input any amount up to the total amount available for withdrawal;
  • Payment Details: Input your wallet/account number for your selected payment system.
When submitting a withdrawal request for the first time, you will receive a message window asking you to enter your payment details in the Account Settings.

From the left side menu, go to ‘Settings’, then ‘Payment Details’.

Payment Details:

Payment method: Select your preferred payment method (bank wire, WMZ, WMR, or Yandex.Money) and input the required information. Click ‘Save’ then return to the ‘Withdraw’ button on the main screen. 

  1. Bank wire:
    • Name of the bank;
    • Routing number;
    • Full name of the account owner;
    • Account number;
  2. WMZ:
    • WMZ wallet;
NOTE: Payments are released each week on Monday. A withdrawal requests can be submitted up until 1 p.m. on Friday.