On March 4, the Pay Per Call Affiliate System participated in the CPA CONF-2016 in Kiev. At the conference, Alexander Duzhnikov, the Commercial Director of MarketCall, gave the speech “Pay Per Call: Analyzing Case Studies.”

Duzhnikov explained why the Pay Per Call system is drastically different from other marketing instruments. The most popular tools for generating calls include message boards and classifieds, SEO, SMM, context advertising, and doorway traffic. According to Duzhnikov, key methods used by MarketCall affiliates to attract target traffic “include banners, teasers, xml feeds, call tracking, and landings. The best way is to combine a couple of them.”

The Commercial Director focused on the special features and benefits that Pay Per Call can offer. “With a wide range of functions, you can analyze data to figure out how to boost conversion without losing target calls,” he explained.

Using as an example, Duzhnikov discussed the benefits enjoyed by affiliates of the Pay Per Call system and offered case studies from the experience. During the talk, he revealed merchants’ earnings and explained how affiliates benefit from the system. He also discussed anti-fraud tools, including how they work and what features they can offer.

In his conclusion, Duzhnikov shared what comes next for He described new units and functions that will soon be added and explained how the system is going to be updated to become even more effective. 

CPA CONF is an international affiliate conference that brings together leading experts in affiliate programs.


MarketCall is the first Russian affiliate program based on the Pay Per Call (PPC) model. PPC is becoming increasingly popular in both Europe and America, and is an innovative product in the Russian market. This unique online marketing tool empowers merchants to attract more quality calls from potential customers. 

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