Marketcall Is Gaining a Foothold on the American Market at Record Speeds

Marketcall is not only the leader and creator of the Pay Per Call market in Russia, but also a well-known affiliate network in the US. The company is gaining popularity on the American market at a record speeds and plans to open its office in New York in 2019. The Russian Marketcall affiliate network has been working in the US since the beginning of this year, but has already managed to attract more than 50 offers. Moreover, the main volume of offers was attracted in the last 3 months. The company plans to reach a volume of 100 offers by the end of the year.

It is important to note that the American offers market is fundamentally different from the Russian market. If the main volume of work for the Russian Marketcall comes from offers in real estate, auto and services sectors, which is currently developing at rapid pace, the offers in the US are slightly different. Most of the offers are concentrated in the following areas: insurance (health and car insurance), lending, construction and repair (including refurbishing and repairing of roofing, post-flood restoration works, fire damage repairs), tourism (traveling and air travel), technical support (sites and hardware) and medicine (alcohol rehabilitation programs, recovery from drugs and other addictions). To a lesser extent, some other types of offers can be found among the orders Marketcall receives, including television (cable TV), transport companies (moving), automotive, legal and other services (house cleaning and carpet cleaning, lock removal in case of breaks, etc.).

The company's main operating facilities are currently based in Los Angeles, but Marketcall will open the first American office in 2019 in New York.

Marketcall does not plan to stop on the volumes it has reached, and along with Russia and Ukraine, it continues to develop in new areas. In September of this year, the company started working in Kazakhstan, and in November it was launched in Turkey. Next in line are Thailand, Vietnam, Dubai and the UK.

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