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MarketCall Conquers St. Petersburg Real Estate Market

  • 09 November 2015

On Friday, October 30, Pay Per Call affiliate system MarketCall was presented at Real Estate Fair  in St.-Petersburg. The event was a part of a masterclass by Move.su, a top real-estate website.

Participants had the opportunity to learn more about MarketCall from Fedor Zotov, Executive Director at MarketCall. 

The presentation covered MarketCall operation and a new method of purchasing calls (Pay Per Call). Special attention was paid to benefits for both affiliates and merchants.

Being a brand new tool for attracting target clients for real estate developers, MarketCall enjoys special attention from the market players.

MarketCall is a new product by A3F Group holding known for Move.su, Vkostume.Ru, LeadsUp, and other successful projects. Currently, the system brings together more than 100 merchants and over 700 affiliates.

The leading real estate exhibition in St.-Petersburg, Real Estate Fair welcomes over 30,000 visitors annually. The exhibition has more than 300 participants, including top real estate developers in the city.